Top 30+ Online Business Ideas 2020 – The Most Successful & Profitable

Are you looking for successful and profitable online business ideas?

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I know you have gone over countless business ideas but still confused which one to choose. In this article, I am going to lay out top 30+ online business ideas based on my research and experience. These ideas will help you to create a profitable online business this year.

No matter who you are, if you have passion and dedication towards your goal, then nobody can stop you. You can do anything. Just remember “Nothing is Impossible in this World” and The Golden Rule.

“Believe in Yourself”

“Stay Focused, Be Consistent and Never Quit”

“If You Quit Once, It Becomes a Habit !!!”

Every year you think I will start my online business “Next Year”. But “Next Year” never comes. Many people are working “Part Time” online with 9 to 6 secure job. This 9 to 6 comfortable zone does not allow them to dive into this online business world.  Get out of your comfortable zone and start today. Tomorrow never comes.

To help you get started, I’m going to lay out top 30+ online business ideas. Read through them, see which you connect with, and start doing your detail research. Then get started with one, it’s that simple!

Online Business Ideas - Most Successful & Profitable

List of Top 30+ Online Business Ideas:

1) Blogging

I always talk about to start a blog and make money online. Do you know why? because today blogging is the best business idea where you can make money through advertising, affiliate links, sponsored ads, digital products, e-books and many more. All you have to do is to choose a niche where you are good at.

Today starting a blog is very easy but making it a brand, needs consistency, patience and hard work. Keep one thing in mind, starting a blog doesn’t mean money will start rolling in. You need to create quality content that educate readers and engage them effectively.

2) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online by promoting someone else’s product. When you promote someone else’s product, they give you a decent commission on sale.

If you love to review products on Amazon, eBay and Flipkart, stop doing it for free. I personally recommend you to start a blog and write review about the products you are familiar with or you have personally used. Once you start promoting affiliate links in your post you will get a commission if the sale is made.

3) Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube videos are becoming more and more popular today. If you are good at producing video content and comfortable in front of camera, then you can start your own YouTube channel and become a YouTube star.

4) E-Book Writing

Writing your own book is really amazing. If you have an idea in your mind, you can write your own e-book and publish it online on platforms like Amazon, eBay and Flipkart.

5) Become a Freelancer

As a Freelancer, you can do any type of job like small jobs, large jobs, or anything in between. Music, writing, acting, computer programming, web design, translating and illustrating, film and video production, and other forms of piece work.

6) Domain Flipping

Identify profitable domain names that are easily memorable and people can buy. Buy them at good price and sell them for a profit. Many people are making good money from domain flipping.

Example: Mark Zuckerberg paid a Kochi student $700 for a domain with his daughter’s name.

7) Website Flipping

Flipping a website is the art of buying an already existing website, improve it with right web development skills and sell it. It is very easy and cheap trade to explore. The main thing you need to be able to identify websites that have the potential for improvement.

8) Create an App for iPhone & Android

Mobile apps are getting more and more popular today. If you have an idea and coding skills, there are high demand of mobile app developers. You can create your own app to share your knowledge or create for someone else. People are ready to pay good amount of money for app development.

9) SEO Consulting Service

SEO consulting is one of the hottest professions in online world. This business is a gold mine for the tech-savvy entrepreneurs. SEO is a necessity for everyone who wants to be on the top of google’s search results page. If you decide to go into this field, you can think about offering link building, content creation, on-page and off-page SEO optimization.

10) Social Media Consultant

Social media is an integral part of any business nowadays. The job of a social media consultant is ideal for someone who stays on top of all the latest social media trends and knows how to engage audiences on a very large scale.

This is not very popular but still some social consultants can earn big bucks.

11) IT Security Consultants

A Security Consultant works as an advisor and supervisor for all security measures necessary to protect a company or client’s assets. Security Consultants use their knowledge and expertise to assess possible security threats and breaches in order to prevent them.

The work field of a Security Consultant covers a wide range of Security related jobs, including the protection of property, financial assets, valuable objects, people, and information.

12) Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency is the best business nowadays. Digital Marketing Agency is a web marketing agency that offers web design services, web development services, SEO services, PPC services, social media marketing services, link-building services and a host of other online marketing services.

13) Online Advertising Agency

Online advertising agency helps in getting sales and leads with PPC advertising, Display Ads, Facebook Ads, Google Ads, YouTube Ads and programmatic advertising by Adbot™ to reach billions of potential customers at lowest possible cost.

14) Become a Virtual Assistant

One of the best ways to become a virtual assistant is to start your own VA service. This allows you to have complete control over your rates and gives you a chance to pick and choose the clients you work with. A virtual assistant provides online administrative support to clients.

15) Create Your Online Course

Creating online courses and helping people with learning online is not only an effective strategy, but is also a booming business. You can create and sell your online course that will engage and delight students around the world.

16) Web Design & Graphic Design Services

If you have some design savvy and knowledge about websites, you can offer your services to clients as a web designer. You can design graphics, Logos, Websites and Brand Services for your customer.

17) Develop WordPress Themes & Plugins

WordPress is the most popular and widely used content management system (CMS). If you know about WordPress, you can develop WordPress themes and plugins.

18) Start a Drop Shipping Business

A drop shipping business is a type of business where you sell products to customers but the manufacturer carries the inventory and ships the products on your behalf.

19) Start a Video Production Company

If you have the skills to upload high-quality, well-edited videos, you can start your own video production company. You can start with vlog editing, creating music videos and voice overs from your home.

20) Start an Online e-Commerce Store

Starting an e-commerce business and sell some amazing product is not an easy task. But Shopify can help you to start your online business in an easy manner.

21) Start a Coupon Website

Creating a coupon website is also a profitable business. You can start your own coupon website on WordPress. To establish a coupon website, decide what you want to offer. Determine a niche. Set up your business. Plan your website. Buy your domain name and web hosting. Build your website.

22) Sell Products Online (Photos, T-Shirts, etc)

If you want to build a photography business online, you can take photos and then sell them on stock photo websites. The same as photos you can design your own t-shirts and sell them on Amazon, eBay and Flipkart.

23) Become A Copywriter 

Writing is a very potential business opportunity, copywriters help businesses to create the copy for their websites. Copywriters are responsible for the text on brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogs, and more.

24) Become A Proofreader

Proofreader checks the documents for simple and complex errors, spelling mistakes and grammar errors. The job is not complete until the document is error-free.

25) Translation Services

Translation services are the companies that provides complete professional translation services in many languages. The services include Document Translation, Software and Website Localization, Multilingual Desktop Publishing, Voice Talent, Video Captioning and Subtitling, and Linguistic Name Evaluation.

26) Start a Podcast

Podcasting is not very popular today but still if you have a niche website or blog, you can earn decent money with podcasting. In near future podcasting can be a good business ideas.

27) Language Teacher

Are you a good language teacher? Language teachers are in high demand and specifically English and Spanish language. If you are good at in any language, you can become a language teacher.

28) Online Teaching & Tutoring

There are many websites who offer online teaching services. You can become an online tutor for Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and any other subjects in which your are good at.

29) Coaching & Mentoring Services

If you have a fair amount of business expertise, you can offer consulting, coaching or mentoring services to clients and communicate with them via email or video chat apps like Skype.

30) Data Entry Business

If you are an exceptional typist with an eye for detail, data entry might be a great business idea. You can start this business from your home, and it’s pretty simple and affordable to do.

31) Earn Money from Online Survey & PTC Sites

You can start making money through online surveys and PTC (Paid to Click) sites. There are many websites who pays good amount for online surveys. ClixSense undoubtedly is one of the most trusted PTC sites on internet.

Personally I don’t like to work for data entry, online surveys and PTC jobs.

The above 30+ online business ideas will help you start your online business this year. Few of them you can start independently and gradually you can have your own team to expand your business.

What’s your opinion about these business ideas? Which do you like most? Do write in comment section.

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