30+ Ways to Make Money Online in 2020 – The Ultimate Guide

In this article, we have tried to cover all the possible ways to make money online. Everything from “Why People Fail?” to “How they can earn money online?“. Read the post carefully.

Is it really difficult to make money online? 

If you ask this question around yourself, you will get mixed answer. Some people will say “it’s very difficult to earn money online” and some will say “Yes, it’s possible”.

Now the question is, whom to listen? Who is right and who is wrong?

I would like to tell you one thing that the people who are making thousands of dollar per month and make a living from the blog, will always say that “It’s possible” and the people who have quit will always say that “it’s not possible”.

I can say only one thing that when I can earn $2000+ per month with this blog, you can also earn money online. This only thing is believe in yourself.

We have heard this word “Impossible” many times.

Now write the same word like “I’m Possible”, It means everything is possible in this world.

If you believe in yourself, you can make money. Making money online depends on your hard work, consistency, never quit attitude, and how focus you are.

Why People Fail?

Let’s take an example of creating a blog.

Many people start their blogging journey with full enthusiasm but most of them, quit in first 6 months when they didn’t get the results.

This is the most common mistake which people do with their blog. Quitting from the blog in the early stage of blogging is the main key reason of their failure.

Do you know more than 380 new websites every minute and 547,200+ websites are created every single day globally?

If you also want to create your own blog, you can start with our step-by-step guide. After creating a blog, you will not able to make money with your blog because you will still do the same mistake which I explained.

You will lose all your confidence in your starting 6 months and will quit the blogging. Even you know I am making more than $2000 per month but still you will quit your blogging journey.

Do you know why?

Because you accept that I am making $2000 per month with this blog but you doesn’t accept that it takes time and you will not wait for 1 year to see the results.

My friend, I didn’t generate this income from the day one. It took me around 2 years to make more than $2000 per month. Even It took 6 months to make my first $100 from this blog.

Now it’s up to you. If you still want to start a blog and make money online, you can see our “How to Start a Blog and Make Money” guide.

Make Money Online in 2019 (The Ultimate Guide)

Let’s see what are the best ways to earn money online and which is on the #1 position. Blogging is on the #1 position in the below mentioned online money making ways.

Here we have listed 15 Key Money Making Ideas which is divided into 30 money making ideas.

1) Start Blogging

Bogging is the most popular and best way to generate passive income. If you are thinking of starting a blog and make money online, you can follow our step-by-step guide here.

You can follow 3 Key Steps to Start a Blog and Generate Passive Income.

  1. To start a WordPress blog, decide a niche and register your domain and hosting account with BlueHost (#1 Web Hosting Provider). Once your account is created with BlueHost, you can start your blogging journey.
  2. Grow your Audience with Convertkit (#1 for Building Email List).
  3. Dominate your competition by researching your competitors keyword with SemRush (#1 Keyword Research Tool)

2) Start a YouTube Channel

According to stats, it is found that video penetration and consumption has been significantly increased in 2018 and 2019. Today we like watching YouTube videos more than reading long contents, so creating a YouTube channel is another great way to build passive income.

To start a YouTube channel, do your research and decide in which field you are perfect and easily create video for your audience. Do not forget to target your audience.

Here is some niche ideas where you can start uploading YouTube videos.

  • Technology
  • Beauty
  • Travel
  • Cooking
  • Health Care
  • Entertainment

3) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the most profitable way to earn money online. You just have to promote someone else’s product and if they make a sale, you get the percentage of commission for that sale.

Find a good and reliable product in your niche, test and if it is good for recommendation, write reviews about the product. This will help your readers to understand the product.

Note: Never ever promote a product just for the sake of making money. Don’t break trust of your loyal audience. If you see my recommendation page, you will find the limited products which are best in blogging industry or I have personally used.

4) Write and Publish an eBook

If you are fond of writing, then writing an eBook is money making machine. You can write and publish an eBook on Amazon kindle store and make money.

Kindle eBooks - Read on any device

5) Create an Online Course

6) Produce an Audio-book

7) Sell Your Own Stuff

Selling your own stuff is also a good business.

  1. Sell professional photos online
  2. Selling your our products
  3. Sell old stuff on OLX or Quikr

8) Review Websites and App for Cash

Programming and Development

9) Domain Flipping (Buy & Sell Domain Names)

10) Website Flipping

11) Become a Freelancer

12) Create an App for iPhone & Android

13) Web Designing & Graphic Design Services

Develop WordPress Themes & Plugins

14) Set up Gigs on Fiverr

15) Start a Coupon Websites

16) Create eCommerce store

17) Content Writer

  1. Writing / Writer articles for online blogs
  2. Ghostwriting

 Become A Copywriter 

Become A Proofreader

Start a Video Production Company

Language Teacher

18) Online Teaching & Tutoring

IT Security Consultants

Digital Marketing Agency

Online Advertising Agency

19) Virtual assistant

20) Become a Consultant

21) Online Business Coach

  1. Coaching & Mentoring Services

22) Language Translator

SEO Consulting Service

23) Social Media Influencer

24) Build a Sales Funnel

25) Peer-to-Peer Lending

Build niche or guide websites for lead or referral income

26) Create a membership community

  1. Create a membership website
  2. Create submission directory

27) Invest in Stocks / Mutual Funds

29) Install an Autoresponder

Become a Captcha Solver

30) Join paid-to-click (PTC) sites

31) Data Entry Work

If your typing speed is really good, then data entry can be a good earning option for you. Today big companies outsourcing their clerical work and it’s increasing day by day. Data entry sometimes referred as keylogging.

To start a data entry job, you need an internet connection, laptop or desktop and basic understanding of English.

There are many website like 2captcha offer data entry work but I would highly recommend you to join freelancing websites Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer to get data entry work.

32) Online Surveys from home

Online Surveys from Home

If you have a spare time and want to earn some bucks, you can fill online survey to make extra money.  There are so many research companies who recruit new members to answer survey and test their products.

By filling the survey form, you can make decent income in the form of cash, gift cards, coupons and vouchers.

Swagbucks and ClixSense are the best options to earn some bucks. With Swagbucks, You make money for simply surfing the web, filling the online surveys, watching videos and playing games.

You can try some famous online survey website like LifePoints, Mobrog, Hiving, Valued Opinions, OpinionWorld, PanelPlace, Triaba and iPoll.

Note: Some websites send daily survey which expires same day and some send weekly and monthly surveys. So, create another email id for joining survey websites and check for daily online surveys.

Final Thoughts (Make Money Online)

Making money online is the best ways to become your own boss. If you want to get rid off your 9 to 6 job, I personally recommend either you should start a WordPress blog or create a YouTube channel to earn money online.

I have explained 30+ best ways to earn thousands of dollar per month but never forget this golden rule. First stick with one or two money making ideas and make them money making machine.

If you do everything at once, you will not be able to focus on anyone. And soon you will realize that you are not earning a single penny.

When you feel that your first idea is doing great, then you can start working on second one. Like start a blog first and make it a brand. Once you start making decent income with your blog then create a YouTube channel and start uploading unique and quality videos.

Note: Don’t forget to make consistency on your first ideas. As you know that consistency is the key to success. When success comes, money automatically comes.

If you know any other money making ideas, do write in comment section. We will incorporate the same in this article. We are always ready to help you in make money online.

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