Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing ($50 to $100 Daily)

Whenever you think about make money online with affiliate marketing, you think about thousands of dollar per month. But when you start writing for few months and don’t achieve the desired results, you give-up and left the affiliate marketing journey in the middle.

Before starting an affiliate marketing blog, you should ask few question to yourself.

Why do you want to start an affiliate marketing blog?

How patient and consistent you are? 

If you want to start a blog just for making money online, you are not going to survive. You will soon quit your blogging journey. To make a successful blog and achieve the desired results in affiliate marketing, you need to become more focus, consistent and patient.

If you have these qualities, nobody can stop you making money online.

If everything goes well like as I mentioned above but still you are struggling to earn first $100, then many thoughts and questions come to your mind.

Is affiliate marketing easy?

Can I really make thousands of dollar per month?

The answer is Yes…

You can easily make thousands of dollar per month but everything depends on you, how you get the things on your way.

The best thing is that you can start your own website or blog in just $3.95/month with BlueHost. If you are just starting out, follow our FREE guide “How to Start a Blog & Make Money Online“.

How to Make Money Online with Affiliate Maarketing?

Currently I am working on SmartBloggingIdeas, WebHostingInsights and TechiesDigest to share my knowledge and experience. Let me tell you how I make money from Google Adsense & Affiliate Marketing on these blogs.

I focus on writing quality content on my both the blogs. I do not write article everyday because It’s not necessarily to write an article everyday. If you write one or two article in a week, It’s better than writing meaningless contents. If you see my both the websites, you will know I run Google Adsense program on TechiesDigest and affiliate marketing programs on SmartBloggingIdeas.

By this way I follow my own strategy to make money online.

Now the question is:

Why people fail to make money from affiliate marketing programs?

The main reason of failure in affiliate marketing is joining too many affiliate programs and not focus on any of them.

Don’t rush for too many affiliate programs:

I got an email from one of my reader and she narrated her experience.

“Hi, I am Sheetal. I have joined 25+ affiliate programs and working very hard but even I am not able to generate $100 per Month. What am I doing wrong, Can you help me?”

Do you know what she is doing wrong?

Almost 90% to 95% people commit the same mistake.

To earn quick money online, they join so many affiliate programs and start working on all of them. They try to focus on all the affiliate programs instead of one. This is the biggest reason of failure.

To make it work, first you need to figure out which affiliate program will work out for your niche.

  • Suppose you are in blogging niche then you can join Web Hosting, Email Marketing, Plugins and WordPress Theme affiliate programs etc.
  • If you have a Tech blog, you can join Google Adsense program along with some software and antivirus affiliates programs etc.

Whatever affiliate programs you join, make it limited to few affiliates only for starting so that you can manage it effectively. This philosophy worked for me and I hope with a little effort it will also work for you in making more than $100 per day.

Start writing quality content and promoting limited no of affiliate programs so that you can focus easily. Don’t rush for too many affiliate programs in one go.

How you make money online with affiliate marketing programs?

Which strategy works for you?

Do write in comment section.

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