How to Manage Addon Domains to SiteGround (Add or Remove or Point)

If you are planning to host more than one website, please make sure that your hosting account allows this functionality. At SiteGround, addon domains are allowed on the higher web hosting plans – GrowBig and GoGeek. If you are using a StartUp web hosting account, then you need to upgrade it from your SiteGround User Area.

Additionally, you need to have a registered domain name too. If you have not registered a domain name yet, you can register with any of the top domain registrar like GoDaddy or Bigrock.

In order to register your domain name with SiteGround Hosting, you can register it from Add Services section of your SiteGround User Area.

Once you make sure that you have addon domains functionality with your hosting account and the domain name is registered, you can follow the below guide.

In this article, we have covered three areas of domain management:

#1: How to Add Addon Domain to SiteGround

This article will help you to manage (Add or Remove) your domain name with SiteGround hosting account.

STEP-1: Visit SiteGround website and login to your hosting account dashboard with your email id and password.

SiteGround Hosting Login

STEP-2: Click on My Accounts. It will display all the information about your web hosting account. You can easily manage your hosting account from here. Now go to cPanel.

SiteGround cPanel

STEP-3: In your Siteground cPanel, look for Addon Domains tool under Domains section. Click on Addon Domains tool in cPanel.

SiteGround Add-on Domain Name

STEP-4: On the next page there are several fields like New Domain Name, Subdomain or FTP Username, Document Root and Password, which need to be filled.

Once you have provided the necessary information in the fields, click the Add Domain button to add the domain name to your account.

SiteGround Addon Domain Form

That’s it! The domain name has been added as an addon one to your hosting account.

#2: How to Remove Addon Domain to SiteGround

To remove an addon domain name, first access the Addon Domains tool in SiteGround cPanel. You will see here a list of all the addon domains on your account.

To remove an addon domain name, click the Remove button next to the entry of domain.

SiteGround Remove Addon Domain

A new page will open, on which you will be prompted if you want to remove the FTP account associated with the addon as well. To proceed, click the Remove button.

SiteGround Addon Domain Removal

That’s it! The addon domain name is removed from your account.

#3: How to Point Existing Website/Domain to SiteGround

If you have purchased the domain from SiteGround, there is no need to do this step. But if your domain is from any other domain registrar like GoDaddy or Bigrock, you have to follow below steps.

STEP-1: Login to SiteGround > Click on My Accounts > Go to cPanel (follow above Step-1 & Step-2). You will see below snapshot, where SiteGround’s name servers, IP Address and other relevant details are available.

SiteGround Add-on Domain Name

STEP-2: Now login to your domain registrars dashboard like GoDaddy.

STEP-3: Click on your domain name/manage option, go to DNS Management, select name-server and update the name servers to point your domain to SiteGround hosting.

GoDaddy Name Server

By this way you can point domain name from any other registrar to SiteGround. There is no need to transfer your domain to SiteGround hosting account.

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